Test de nivel para acceso a C1

Haz este test totalmente gratuito y descubre cuál es tu nivel de inglés en menos de 60 minutos y sin ningún compromiso. Son ejercicios con los que evaluaremos tu nivel de agilidad gramatical, tu vocabulario y tu comprensión auditiva. El resultado de este test es orientativo, pero te ayudará a saber tu nivel aproximado.

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Read the following sentences and complete them with the best answer.


The new laws aim to crack_________on late night anti-social behaviour in city centres.


The witness cast her mind___________to the night in question and told the police all she remembered.


The concert had to be called________because the band’s singer had lost his voice.


Stop messing_______and go and wash your hands. Dinner’s going to be ready in a minute.


Fortunately they realised what a momentous decision it was for me to make, and they gave me a week to mull it _________. 


The waste produced by discarded gadgets is now getting________control as more people become obsessed with owning the latest technology.


In the coming years, developed countries should invest more in sustainable energy sources than they are_________present.


I’d no idea Jason was such a dark_________. Did you know he’d spent fifteen years in the Special Forces? He’s never mentioned it!


Going to Siberia in the middle of winter is crazy, I know, but it_________like a good idea at the time!


Although he tried to________his tracks, the police quickly succeeded in finding him and took him in for questioning.


I was_______give up on my essay for the night, when I had a flash of inspiration that gave me all the ideas I needed to finish it.


While in Italy on our European tour, we________how to make pizza the traditional way as well as see all the famous sights.


Not________to appear cowardly, Nick volunteered to climb up and rescue the cat stuck in the tree.


It was only when Bill_______to turn up to work that we started worrying about him.


Our cruise was_________us along the Norwegian coast up to the Arctic Circle but it was cancelled at the last minute.


Fearing reprisal, the culprit________the scene in the dead of night and was nowhere to found the following day


It is _____ that the seas around Iceland are home to over 5.000 orca whales.


The idea is _____ on simple technology that is already in existence.


The aim is to try to walk along the line without ______ your balance.


She was a designer and businesswoman whose products _____ their way into the homes of people across the USA.

2 READING I (C1) | READING (3 opciones)

READING 1. Read this text about stories of survival and choose the correct answers.

Things I wish I’d known at 18

Friends often say to me ‘Jo, what do you regret most in life?’ and while it’s pointless to have regrets given that we can’t change the past, I do occasionally look back and wonder how different my life might have been if I’d known at eighteen what I know now. How different all our lives would be with the benefit of hindsight, of course.

I wish I’d known that it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes. I was brought up by parents who were very ambitious, perhaps over-ambitious, particularly when it came to me. They wanted to realise all of their dreams through their daughter. I became a perfectionist, always striving to be the best in the class. 99 percent was just not good enough. I suppressed my rebellious streak and became their dutiful daughter. My grades were good enough to get me into a top university and I passed all of my exams with flying colours. When I look back I realise I didn’t even think to question what it was that I wanted to do.

I wish I’d known that it’s the journey that matters, not the final destination. My life was mapped out for me: university, career, marriage, children, security and retirement and the inevitable ‘if only’. I started out as planned with no surprises: a secure job with good pay and prospects. All of my friends were on the same path but deep down I knew that there was something missing. Was this all there was? I’ve always loved travelling and started to live for those precious weeks of holiday. I’d pore over brochures and travel guides and search out the most obscure untouched places. Increasingly I felt more and more alive whenever I was away from my normal everyday environment.

Some of us have the freedom to make choices and in my case, I finally chose to go. After a particularly stressful week at work, I decided to quit and that was quite simply the best thing I’ve ever done. I can honestly say that from that moment on, my life turned into an adventure.

I wish I’d known that everything happens for a reason. The reason might not initially be obvious but when we look back we can understand why something did take place. I’ve learned not to question but to accept whatever comes my way and that is one of the most valuable lessons that life has taught me.


Jo believes_______.


Her parents_____________.


She now realises that_______________.


Jo admits there was a time when she_______________.


She now regrets_____________.

3 READING II (C1) | READING (3 opciones)

READING 2. Read the text and choose the correct answer.

Follow your dream and the rest will fall into place

How often do you meet people who are passionate about what they do? I would imagine that your answer will be ‘very rarely’. And yet, considering we spend the major part of our waking existence at work, it’s surprising how unhappy so many people are.

When we’re children, we all have dreams and dreams by their very nature seem unreal and unattainable but they give us hope and goals. Adults around us may tell us not to be silly, how could we possibly think we were good or clever enough to make those dreams come true. So, after a while, we might put those dreams to one side because we believe that adults must know better, but of course the reality is that they too are the victims of their own crushed dreams. Real life kicks in and we get caught up in all the day-to-day stuff of being a grown-up.

However, for those of you who still have dreams, here’s a true story. Some time ago a random sample of 1,500 graduating college students was surveyed to find out what they would base their career choice on. The vast majority said that making money was the first thing and following their dream was secondary. Only a very small percentage said that following their dream would come first, with financial gain second. In a follow-up study on actual net worth some twenty years later, the results made for fascinating reading: 101 of the 1,500 had become millionaires but only one of those millionaires had come from the group that had put money first. The other hundred came from the group that had followed their dreams.

Of course, this study doesn't prove anything scientifically speaking but it does show that passion and heart are incredibly powerful energies. People who do great things have, above everything else, a purpose that stirs their soul. They have an enthusiasm and exuberance that will ensure they achieve what they set out to do despite all the odds. So, if you have a dream, make sure you harness that energy and follow wherever it takes you.


Our dreams can___________.


There is a wide gap between___________.


The college survey aimed to ascertain____________.


The follow-up study suggested that_____________.


A greater zest for life will____________.

4 LISTENING (C1) | LISTENING (3 opciones)

Listen and write true (T) or false (F).


One of Megan’s pet hates is being ripped off when on holiday.


Megan regrets not having pushed the boat out as it was a special occasion.


Tereza is incredulous at passengers with a distorted sense of self-importance.


Gary was most impressed by the tennis players he had seen at Wimbledon.


Gary was so thankful for the free tickets to the final that he paid no heed to them not being in a choice location.  


Barbara is completely besotted by her new pet.


Barbara gains a great deal of amusement from watching Jimmy’s antics.


Len considers that his outlook on life is far from old school.


Len mocks the star status of celebrities who he thinks are in fact non-entities.


The band played for almost two hours without an intermission.                                   

5 WRITING (C1) | WRITING (Texto)

Complete the second sentence with no more than five words so that it means the same as the first.

Use the word in CAPITALS.



We didn’t realise we were in danger.

the danger we were in.



I’d prefer to go to Spain this year, given the choice

I to Spain this year, given the choice.



Imagine all your friends being at your birthday party.
What at your birthday party?



As soon as we heard the news, we rushed out of the house.

the news than we rushed out of the house.



I didn’t sleep well so I woke up in a bad mood.
Had I slept well, I NOT  in a bad mood.



We ought to be going home soon.
It's  going home.



James got here twenty minutes ago.
James  twenty minutes.



Daniela never used to do any sport at school.
Daniela any sport at school.



I hate it when people tell me what to do.
what to do.



They had a tendency to argue in public.
in public.